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waterproof tv

Watch TV in the shower with new waterproof flatscreen LED

If you’re really looking to make a style-statement in your home, then a frameless, waterproof LED television that you can watch while you wash, is about as cool as it gets.

Do you spend 11.8 hours a day infront of a screen?

Brits spend more time in front of screens than sleeping

A new study from esure home insurance has revealed that Brits now spend considerably more time staring at screens than they do sleeping. The research found that the average person in the UK will look at a screen for 11.8 hours of every day, dwarfing the average sleeping time of 7.3 hours.

Customers can tell Kogan what they want

Kogan launches 3D TV Crowdsourcing project

A British consumer electronic vendor and retailer has announced the launch of a new 3D TV crowdsourcing project. Kogan Technologies will ask customers for their opinions on 3D technology before advancing with their product development processes.

LCD TV rises from the foot-end of bedstead

Furniture Village launches new Kensington TV Bed range

Furniture Village has announced the launch of the new Kensington TV- Bed Range, a luxurious collection of double beds which include a 32 inch LCD HD TV. While stylish, comfortable and appealing beds in their own right, the in-built TV feature adds a whole new angle and element of cool to the modern bedroom environment.

BRAVIA has exciting features for 2011

BRAVIA announces new TV product features for 2011

BRAVIA, the electronic specialists, have announced some exciting new developments to be filtered into its range of high quality TV products over the course of 2011. Among other things BRAVIA owners will be able to watch 3D TV, have fast access to the internet and make free voice and video calls.

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Treasures of the world

Bring your wanderlust back to your home.

Wanderlust seems to be a trend in home décor this year with pieces from all over the globe making it into UK sitting rooms. The look requires items to be from many different locations and have an eclectic feel.

Go retro with an iPhone handset

Plug in your iPhone for an old-fashioned chat

We love new technology but sometimes, at home, wouldn't it be nice to ditch the touch-screen for a phone with a traditional handset? Now, you can plug in your Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches and enjoy a good old gossip Lady Gaga style.