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The Amazing Spiderman posters.

Marvel comic covers for wall decal

A collection of wall posters of old Marvel comic covers has been released by Dotty Frog Décor. The covers mark some of the most prominent moments in the Marvel comic story.

Stainless steel trunks have a sleek look.

Stylish storage with steel trunks

A stylish storage option can be difficult to come by but if you choose the right piece it can be a focal point of the room as well as a storage item. Trunks are a great option as both a decorative piece and functional home accessory because they can be used to store winter clothes, shoes or any number of things.

Bring your wanderlust back to your home.

Treasures of the world

Wanderlust seems to be a trend in home décor this year with pieces from all over the globe making it into UK sitting rooms. The look requires items to be from many different locations and have an eclectic feel.

These lamps are eye-catching.

Trendy lighting to covet

Feature lights in the dining room or lounge are becoming an essential item in contemporary homes. But not everyone has the money to order a designer light fixture with the necessary qualities to grab everyone’s attention.

Vintage chocolate sign for home decor.

Vintage chocolate pieces for the home

National Chocolate Week kicks off today giving everyone an excuse to indulge. This celebration of all things cocoa related has put chocolate on our brain, so here are a few chocolate related vintage products for the home.

A shot from The Great Gatsby.

Replicate the 1920s style from the Great Gatsby in your home

The 1920s is alive again with the release of the much anticipated film The Great Gatsby later this year. We love the 20s with its glitz, glamour and most of all the style so we have found some matching homewares.

Time to Love your photographs.

Vodka inspired love

Vodka is not usually the beginning of any good ideas but in this case it was the beginning. Designers from Evolution Photo Art have taken inspiration from a vodka advertisement to make these gorgeous personalised wall pieces.

The dragonfly light by Ingo Maurer.

Simply red for design show

Designers and all things the colour red are combining for the RED exhibition to be held during the London Design Festival. The exhibit is running from September 14 until September 23 at The Conran Shop to mark the showroom’s 25th anniversary in the Michelin Building.

Cowboy time in the city.

A cowboy’s perfect city pad

It takes more than a few John Wayne films to be a true cowboy and every Wild West ranger needs a truly inspired home. For all of those cowboy wannabes we have the top homewares to make the inside of your city pad look like the middle of Texas.

A very retro room design.

Unisex style reaches new limits

Nothing says sleek, modern and eye-catching like Scandinavian designed homewares perfect for unisex style in an apartment or flat. One of UrbanPad.co.uk’s favourite Scandinavian design houses, Ferm Living, is set to release its new range in September.

A retro room design.

How to choose retro carpet

Retro is all the rage in interior design at the moment, especially for young people decorating their new home or apartment. If you love retro furniture, prints and fabrics it is time to match your entire décor and embrace retro carpet.

Turn your tickets into coasters.

Tea and tickets

Have you got a drawer full of tickets from amazing music festivals, gigs and theatre productions? Well they no longer have to sit unused in your home. Turn them into coasters.

The funky frog cushion.

Fantastic frog cushion goes galumph

A song about a little green frog comes to mind when looking at this fantastic frog cushion from Hunky Dory Home. UrbanPad.co.uk loves to bring you all things wild and wacky and this is one of our favourite finds to date.

This is a modern twist on oriental design.

Oriental meets modern with these metallic pieces

Oriental design has been stripped of its ornate hand-painted decoration and given a bold new makeover with this line of furniture. This collection is from Orchid and features traditional pieces with metallic paint jobs.

The gaucho chair is very eye-catching.

Animal print for tribal decor

Animal hide and prints are very on-trend in the home décor world at the moment. They bring colour, texture and a tribal theme to any room design. See our top pick for animal prints in the home.

This contemporary design would suit a city apartment.

City inspired design

It is all black cabs, citrus yellow and herringbone textures in home furnishings for the end of summer. At least according to B&Q which is launching its new range of home décor items in August.

Did somebody say retro?

Retro cushions for your sofa or bedroom

Retro fabrics for retro cushions make for a striking addition to a sofa or bed. Company Alhambra Home and Garden creates Spanish homeware and gifts with a twist including some amazing cushions.

What a romantic rat.

Nothing says I love you like a rat

Romance and rats don’t generally go together but no one told that to designers at Minty Club. The romantic rat is a new piece for the home and a unique way to show someone you care.

A scratch map of the British Isles.

Scratch and map where you have been

There is a new interactive wall hanging which has caught our attention. The scratch map from Hunky Dory Home allows you to display all of the places you have visited.

Time for a Mardi Gras party.

Mardi Gras inspired table decorations

A new range of limited edition table runners, bunting and place mats took centre stage at street parties on the weekend thanks to their glittery appeal. The collection pictured is called Mardi Gras and has a great mix of glitz and fun for any party.

Try a personalised print to decorate your room.

Olympic-inspired prints to mark the games

London Olympics’ inspired homewares are sure to replace the recent Jubilee trend for home interiors. We have already spotted a range of Olympic-inspired prints that would be a stylish and personal way to mark the games.

This mini ecosystem can live self-sustained.

A mini ecosystem you can take home

What would you do if you had the universe in the palm of your hand? It seems this idea is not so fantasy based anymore with a new home product on the market, the EcoSphere.

A retro cushion to bring back the 80s.

Retro boom box cushions with 80s inspiration

The eighties were a time of bold colours, crazy prints, interesting music and the boom box. All of this has been encapsulated into a range of cushions for the home.

Blackout blinds and curtains are perfect for summer.

Blackout curtains and blinds to keep the summer heat out

With temperatures reaching 30 degrees in the UK many residents are realising their curtains are not made to keep the heat out. Blackout curtains and blinds are a good investment for the summer months to keep the heat out and the cool in.

The greyhound lamp on display.

Dog lamps make for loveable lighting

What better way to give homage to man’s best friend then lighting him up for the world to see. This is of course in a symbolic way with a dog lamp from The French Bedroom Company.

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Treasures of the world

Bring your wanderlust back to your home.

Wanderlust seems to be a trend in home décor this year with pieces from all over the globe making it into UK sitting rooms. The look requires items to be from many different locations and have an eclectic feel.

Go retro with an iPhone handset

Plug in your iPhone for an old-fashioned chat

We love new technology but sometimes, at home, wouldn't it be nice to ditch the touch-screen for a phone with a traditional handset? Now, you can plug in your Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches and enjoy a good old gossip Lady Gaga style.