Mass exodus of London, warns charity

Tuesday, 6 March 2012 2:11 PM

The high cost of housing in London could see 30 per cent of the city’s population leave the capital, according to housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

As part of the charity’s Homes for London campaign research has been completed on the affordability of housing in London.

The results show that almost one third of people living in London believe growing housing costs will drive them out of the city.

Of those who rent, a whopping 65 per cent believe they will never be able to afford a home in London.

“Decades of failure to build enough affordable housing has left huge swathes of Londoners locked out of home ownership, pushed into a revolving door of private let after private let,” Shelter’s chief executive Campbell Robb said.

Shelter found that the average deposit required for a first-home in London is £85,000.

But the median wage of people living in the capital city is only £24,500.

While these people save their pennies they are being forced to spend more than £1,300 per month to rent a two bedroom property, this is more than double the national average.

“Unless something is done to fix London’s housing, we’re going to see a growing exodus of people, many of them families, who have simply given up hope of ever finding a stable and affordable place to live in the capital,” Mr Robb said.

The charity is aiming its campaign for better housing options in the city at the London mayoral election candidates, click here to find out more.

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The private rented sector has overtaken social housing

Private rented sector overtakes social housing

The number of households renting from private landlords has risen to surpass the number of people using the services of social landlords, official figures have shown. According to the English Housing Survey by the Department for Communities and Local Government, 18 per cent of households (four million) now rent privately.

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Private renters to number 5.7m by 2018

The private rented sector has experienced rapid growth over the last 20 years, with 4.14 million people now renting properties from private landlords. This figure is set to increase by more than 1.5 million over the next four year, according to predictions from a leading estate agent.

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The cost of renting property in south London is rocketing, according to the latest data from a letting agency based in the capital. Research by Benham & Reeves Residential Lettings has highlighted the area as having the fastest-rising rents in the city.

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The number of private rents is expected to rise by another 1m in the next five years

Renters to rise in number by 1m by 2018

The number of households renting property on a private basis is expected to rise by one million over the next five years, according to estimates by a leading estate agency. Savills has stated that more and more people are being pushed into renting following the credit crunch.

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