Renters are at risk of electrocution

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 10:12 AM

A whopping 20 per cent of people electrocuted in the home are tenants according to research from the Electrical Safety Council (ESC).

In the UK one person dies every week from electrical accidents and almost 1,000 are injured.

Due to a lack of understanding between tenants and landlords about where the responsibility for electrical safety lays many of these injuries happen to unsuspecting renters.

“Part of the confusion may arise from the fact that landlords are legally responsible for an annual gas safety check but it is not a legal requirement for electrical safety,” head of communications at the ESC Anneke Rousseau said.

“It is important that all landlords understand their obligations and ensure the safety of their tenants.”

Research found three quarters of tenants never discuss electrical safety with their landlord yet more than 21 per cent have reported an electrical safety concern in their home.

By law it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure the continued safety of all electrical wiring and installations.

Tenants are only responsible for the electrical goods they bring into the home.

If a landlord is negligent and does not carry out appropriate electrical checks they face fines of up to £5,000 or imprisonment.

The ESC has released a free Smartphone app which helps you carry out a visual safety check of electrical items in the home.

The council is encouraging landlords to download the app but also tenants so they can confidentially approach their landlord with any safety discrepancies.

“We are encouraging landlords and tenants to start talking more openly with each other about this vital safety issue,” she said.

Put your landlord requests in writing

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Up to date guidance for private tenants whose homes are in need of repair is being offered by Citizens Advice. The charity’s chief executive Gillian Guy said it had seen a 14 per cent rise in the number of housing problem cases in the past year.

Be prepared for fire.

Renters in danger of fire in the home

Have you asked your landlord about your home’s fire safety devices? If the answer is no, you are part of 83 per cent of the rental population in the UK putting yourself at risk.

Private renters are expected to rise to 5.7m

Private renters to number 5.7m by 2018

The private rented sector has experienced rapid growth over the last 20 years, with 4.14 million people now renting properties from private landlords. This figure is set to increase by more than 1.5 million over the next four year, according to predictions from a leading estate agent.

Renters need to be prepared.

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Landlords naturally dislike void periods - times when there is no rental income because one tenant has moved out and the next one is yet to arrive. However, this does not always happen by accident.

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Homeowners ‘now paying less than renters’

Lower mortgage lending rates, falling house prices and the continuing surge in tenant demand mean that buying a home in Britain is now 16 per cent cheaper than renting, latest research from the Halifax shows.

London rental prices drop.

Renters look for cheaper housing in midst of poor job market

The poor job market in London has led to a drop in residential rents and could be an example of trends to come for other metropolitan cities in the UK.Residential rents in the centre of the city fell by 0.2 per cent in January.

6.5k homes promised under Build to Rent Fund

Build to Rent Fund will give renters more choice

Renters in some of the UK's biggest cities will be entitled to greater choice in the near future as a result of the government's Build to Rent Fund, which will establish up to 6,500 new homes specifically for private renters.

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