Rubik’s Cube tea party

Thursday, 10 May 2012 10:30 AM

Throw a Rubik’s Cube themed tea party with these colourful cube-inspired homewares.

The Rubik’s Cube recently celebrated its 30th anniversary since winning the toy of the year award and this has since reinvigorated the love for the puzzle game.

There are more than 370 million official Rubik’s Cubes worldwide, all sold since the game’s release in 1974. Now the cube mania has been taken even further with some fun products for the home.Rubik's Cube homewares

The Rubik’s Cube mug features a completed puzzle, with a handle for easy use. Use it for tea or coffee, or as a feature accessory in your kitchen design.

The retro theme continues with the Rubik’s Cube coasters. The set of six can be stacked together to create a cube or displayed spread-out on a coffee table.

We suggest using these items to put together a Rubik’s Cube tea party table setting. Use the coasters and the mugs together at each table place setting. Use a black table runner down the middle and a glass vase centrepiece. Fill the vase with red, yellow, blue, orange and white flowers and some green foliage.

If you are serving food choose square shaped snacks such as cheese cubes and ensure you display sugar cubes on the table. Finish with Rubik’s Cube coloured serviettes and the fun table setting is complete.

The mug and coasters are from PrezzyBox; visit the website for more details.

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