How to create a fuss-free kitchen

Friday, 20 April 2012 2:18 PM

Kitchens can quickly become crammed rooms packed with the latest gadgets, appliances and clutter. For those with homes on the modest side, or for people who prefer a streamlined look, it is easy to create a contemporary and fuss-free kitchen design.

The first thing that needs to be eliminated if the kitchen is to become a clean and hassle-free place to socialise and cook is clutter. Piles of paper, bottles and jars left on worktops soon make the room feel cramped and a lot smaller than it is, not to mention making it a pain to clean and to efficiently cook and serve meals.

Ample kitchen worktop space is a joy to have, so make sure everything is kept neat and tidy with pull-out storage. Not only does this put an end to bits and pieces lying around and getting in your way, but it creates an organised kitchen. Rather than rummaging for the right herbs and spices, you can use storage hung on the back of a cupboard door or a pull-out drawer so everything you need is easily to hand. This is great if you live in a flat, apartment or smaller house and space is at a premium, or if you are a busy parent and cannot afford to waste time when feeding your brood!

Storage aside, another way to create a fuss-free kitchen is to streamline its design. Stainless steel is a fantastic material to use in this room as it is hygienic and easy to clean. A large stainless steel splashback and matching appliances, such as an oven and fridge, will create a seamless look throughout the entire room. Simplicity is key when designing a hassle-free space, and the fewer features a kitchen has, the more modern it will look.

You should not forget about kitchen appliances, either. As mentioned, modern-looking and simple items will work well. Smaller kitchens will benefit from a combination washer and dryer, particularly in households with only one or two people, when two separate machines are unlikely to be used at the same time. Installing a microwave above an oven or grill in the front of a unit not only looks contemporary, but frees up valuable worktop space.

Electric hobs especially look stylish and seamlessly fit in with the rest of the kitchen's decor. Not everyone likes to use electric appliances to cook with, however, so those of you who would prefer a gas hob should ensure there are enough rings to meet your requirements. If you have to wait for one to be freed up before cooking another part of the meal, dinnertime can soon become a hassle. Choose a hob that fits in with your oven, splashback and extractor for an integrated appearance.

Washing up can quickly become a headache if there is not enough room to stack dirty plates and to dry the clean ones. If there is space, a double sink can solve this problem. This means your dirty items can be washed in one and rinsed in another, rather than trying to aim the tap down the side of the bowl when giving dishes and cutlery a final rinse.

When creating a fuss-free kitchen, the main considerations to keep in mind are to get rid of unnecessary clutter, make sure appliances work well for your needs and ensure the design is simple and streamlined. After all, small kitchens in particular need to be as efficient, organised and tidy as possible.

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