Low-maintenance bathroom ideas

Friday, 13 April 2012 8:37 AM

Having bathroom suites that look anything less than sparkling clean can make them off-putting places in which to wash. However, you don't want to have to spend every day scrubbing and tidying them, so what is the best low-maintenance furniture and decor to invest in?

Let's begin with the interior design scheme, as some looks are easier to maintain than others. Tiles are a commonplace feature in bathrooms, but they are actually notoriously hard to keep looking as good as when you fitted them. Yet they do have an important role to play, in that they can prevent walls from becoming damp and mould forming. As a compromise, rather than tiling your entire bathroom from floor to ceiling, only fit them around the shower area and behind the sink. This is known as a splashback, as it covers the area where people may inadvertently sprinkle water when they are washing their face and hands.

Another idea to reduce splashes around the sink area is to purchase one with a deep bowl, like those produced by Laufen. Take the Swiss designer's Ilbagnoalessi One range, which features a deep ceramic floor-standing washbasin, nicknamed the Tam-Tam. It is crafted from one piece of material and all the piping and workings are concealed behind the column it stands on - making your bathroom look tidier. However, it is the deep bowl that really makes it a great option for anyone looking for low-maintenance furniture. Because you are able to hold your hands lower in it when you rinse them, there is less likely to be water splashed up your walls.

Another place where water splashes can mean you are constantly scrubbing and cleaning your bathroom to prevent mould is around the shower. This can particularly be a problem if you have a shower fitted over the bath, as dripping can cause both the sealant around the tub and grouting around tiles to quickly discolour and turn mouldy. If you live in a city pad, it might be worth removing your bath altogether and replacing it with a walk-in shower. When you have finished washing, squirt the tray, enclosure and door with an anti-mildew spray.

Matki shower enclosures tick the boxes for being low-maintenance, stylish and practical, making them the ideal addition to a compact washroom. There are several options to choose from, with these enclosures designed to maximise space, while they are also efficient and watertight. Ensuring your shower does not leak water is so important, as it means you won't have to waste time mopping the floor when you've finished washing.

A glass door on your shower is also a better option than a curtain. You can purchase a scraper - much the same as that used by a window cleaner - to simply scrape all the steam and drips down the door on to the shower tray where they will go down the plug. A curtain can be more difficult to dry and so may succumb to mould meaning you have to replace it frequently.

Finally, choose a low-maintenance material for your floor. Lino is easier to clean than tiles or timber and is also water-resistant, making it a great option in the bathroom.

In all other respects, choose simple bathroom decor so it is easy to keep tidy. Introduce clever storage solutions and choose obscure glass for your windows rather than putting up fabric curtains or blinds - which are susceptible to mould and discolouration.

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