Renting? You can still invest in a feature fireplace

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 7:00 PM

There is nothing like a fire as both a way to stay warm and as an attractive and upmarket feature piece in a room.

But most people living the buzzing city life are renting their ideally located homes making it difficult to install a coveted fire centrepiece.

But not anymore, with a unique product from The Naked Flame. spotted this product at the Ideal Home Show in London and instantly fell in love with its stylish lines.

But when we got closer we discovered that these fireplaces require no internal hook up or even a gas pipe.

The fireplaces are wall mounted and require only brackets which you can easily get permission to hang from your landlord.

Once up the fireplaces run on bio fuel which looks similar to water and is simply poured into a tray and lit.

Each fireplace comes with a movable grate to control the flow and heat radiating into the home.

This means you can use them for warmth during the colder months and as a focal point whilst entertaining during the summer months.

“It is the only way to get a real flame without a flue,” Andrea Riley from The Naked Flame said.

The fireplaces come in many designs with lovely glass fronts available or industrial styles for trendier areas.

The range also has flaming cubes to be used as table centrepieces, fiery pebbles and even free-standing pieces.

To check the range out in person head along to the Ideal Home Show in London which runs until April.

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