Londoners least likely to protect their homes in cold snap

Wednesday, 1 February 2012 10:28 AM

Four in 10 homes will be vulnerable to issues such as frozen pipes and boiler breakdowns if the predicted freezing weather hits the UK this week.

The Met Office is predicting snow, sleet and heavy rain in many areas, yet householders have not taken measures to protect their property, according to Direct Line.

Those aged 18 to 34 are the least likely to have made preparations for winter, the insurer’s poll suggests.

It also appears that Londoners take the most cavalier attitude to protecting their homes, with only 50 per cent of properties already primed for the advance of a big chill, the study shows.

At the other end of the scale, 71 per cent of people in Northern Ireland and two-thirds of those in the North West have already taken measures to protect their property in some way.

Stuart Curson, head of the home insurance group, said: “As the last two winters have demonstrated, bad weather can cause serious damage to property.

“While this winter has proved mild so far, the current weather predictions should ring alarm bells for many householders.”


Londoners are most likely to celebrate Christmas with champagne

Londoners most likely to quaff champagne this Christmas

More people in London than anywhere else in the UK will be celebrating Christmas with a glass of champagne this year, a nationwide study has shown. In the capital, 50 per cent of residents say they plan to raise a festive toast, compared with less than a third of people in the rest of the UK.

Grown-up children are staying at home longer

Londoners less likely to live with mum and dad by age 34

Young Londoners are less likely to live with their parents into their 30s than their counterparts in other UK regions, official statistics have shown. More than a quarter of 20 to 34-year-olds still live with their parents, but the number drops to 22 per cent among Londoners.

Quarter of Brits want to improve their homes

Quarter of Brits want to improve their homes this year

A quarter of Britons want to make improvements to their homes this year, with decorating being the top choice for enhancing residential properties. A study has shown that one in five people plan to spend time decorating their home in 2014.

Flats are desirable properties in London

3-bed house is national favourite but Londoners prefer flats

First-time buyers in London are hoping to invest in a flat when they get on to the property ladder, in comparison with the national preference for a house. A recent study has highlighted that 63 per cent of budding buyers in the capital want their first property to be a flat.

How long did you spend looking around your new home?

Choices, choices - Londoners are pickier when choosing a home

Choosing a new home is one of life's most important decisions, and many would argue it takes months of searching and careful consideration to pick out the perfect property. This is certainly the case in London, where buyers visit an average of five homes before making a decision, but elsewhere in the UK people visit fewer homes before making their choice.

How to protect a property from burglaries

How to protect a property from burglaries

When a person moves into a new property the first thing they research is the crime rates in the area. The last thing anyone needs is to have their urban home broken into but unfortunately this problem is heightened when moving into the centre of a big city.

Millions of Brits face a long drive this Christmas

35% of Londoners to drive 100 miles for a family Christmas

More than a third of people living in London are preparing to drive 100 miles or more to visit their family at home over Christmas. A new report has highlighted that 35 per cent of Londoners face a long drive to be with relatives this festive season.

Moving home can be costly in the capital.

Londoners fork out more to move

Londoners spend an average of £75, 000 moving house during a lifetime according to new research. This ridiculously large sum of money is 2.5 times more than those who live outside of the expensive capital.

Treasures of the world

Bring your wanderlust back to your home.

Wanderlust seems to be a trend in home décor this year with pieces from all over the globe making it into UK sitting rooms. The look requires items to be from many different locations and have an eclectic feel.

Go retro with an iPhone handset

Plug in your iPhone for an old-fashioned chat

We love new technology but sometimes, at home, wouldn't it be nice to ditch the touch-screen for a phone with a traditional handset? Now, you can plug in your Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches and enjoy a good old gossip Lady Gaga style.