Hot colour trends for 2012

Thursday, 29 December 2011 9:08 AM

If you’re keen for a ‘new look’ in 2012, then it might be time for a little redecoration at home. We’ve been analysing the latest trends to create a ‘colour forecast’ for 2012, so you can create the perfect colour palette to decorate from.

On the Walls:

Blue-grey tones are being tipped as the ‘big new thing’ in paint and wallpaper come 2012. They represent a move towards more mature styles, and are best kept as the neutral ‘backdrop’ of a colour scheme, as they work well to highlight some of the brighter on-trend colours. Be careful not to create a ‘cold’ atmosphere with the shade of blue – sticking towards the rich and smoky side of the greyer scale with create a warmer, tranquil effect. This colour works particularly well with a Scandinavian look, or the ‘industrial’ trend. 

A softer, more feminine pallet – pastels offer a brighter alternative as a neutral ‘backdrop’ colour. Pastels give the opportunity for a bit of fun without being over-bearing – their muted tones sit well in the background, whilst you play around with yellows, greens and pinks. Pastels also suit patterns such as polka dots and stripes – so your walls don’t have to remain plain. The pastel trend works particularly well with vintage interiors, or even forming a pleasant contrast with ‘industrial’ objects. 

In Accessories:

Contrasting against 2012’s rather sombre background pallet, the accessories of next year’s urban homes are all about bright, bold lively colours. Orange is tipped to be big in various shades, but it’s the youthful tangerine that most caught our eye. It’s a shade that works well to brighten up your home in dreary January and February, and something you can have a lot of fun with – just be careful not to overdo it… bold colours work best when they are using sparingly.

As an investment piece, the citrus version of this beautifully designed Wishbone Chair would be our top pick – more than 100 stages in the manufacturing process result in a seat that’s guaranteed to last for up to 50 years. 

Pop sensation Lady Gaga tipped this colour to be ‘big news’ in 2012, during the introduction to her music video ‘Marry the Night’. Seeing as she’s such a huge fashion icon, we’ve decided to trust her, and we’ve noticed a few mint green items popping up already. The colour’s refreshing and teams up with fellow trend-setter tangerine nicely, plus pastel hues work well with a vintage look.

We’ve got our eye on this beautifully intricate, Rob Rydon reminiscent, rubber door mat from Berry Red. Who knew something so functional could be such a work of art? 

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