How to give your bedroom a light and modern feel

Friday, 16 December 2011 9:59 AM

Creating a stylish, modern-looking bedroom that will be the envy of all your friends and family is possible even if you don't have much space to play with. By carefully choosing bedroom furniture, you should find you are able to make a room feel lighter and more spacious.

There are many products on the market and, while the amount of choice can at first feel overwhelming, one particular type you may want to consider is gloss bedroom furniture.

This can certainly go some way towards creating a chic, contemporary look in any bedroom and - as its name suggests - high-gloss wardrobes reflect light outwards, so they can instantly make a place feel brighter.

While it is possible to purchase gloss furniture in a range of colours and designs, if you're keen to make your bedroom appear as bright as possible, it is best to seek out products in shades like white, pink and cream, as opposed to dark tones like purple.

However, gloss furniture is certainly not the only way in which you can go about making a bedroom look stylish and contemporary. Indeed, you may also want to consider investing in wardrobes with sliding doors.

These products come in a wide selection of materials, styles and colours, so there should be plenty of scope for you to find furniture that not only makes a bedroom feel bigger, but will also give it aesthetic appeal.

You could choose between sliding wardrobes made out of light woods such as beech or oak, although for something a little bit different, it may be an idea to look into getting one with a mirrored front.

Such wardrobes can help to maximise the amount of light in a bedroom and, in opting for something that is entirely covered by a mirror, your space may instantly appear to be brighter and bigger.

It is also worth bearing in mind that as the doors of sliding wardrobes do not open outwards - as is the case with traditional models - they can take up less room.

However, you ought to remember that while your choice of wardrobe can significantly impact on a bedroom's look, it is not the only piece of furniture that contributes to making a room feel more modern.

You should also consider products such as chests of drawers, desks and ottomans, not only in terms of which particular items you choose to have in a room, but also their style and colour. To create a cohesive, contemporary feel, it is best to go for products that have matching shades of white.

As the colour reflects off any light present in a room, it is able to give a place a sense of cleanliness and airiness and even help the most smallest of spaces feel bigger.

Of course, your choice of bed will have a major impact on your room's look. So if you are particularly keen on establishing a minimalistic, contemporary style, why not seek out a model that is made from a pale shade of wood? This should be matched with light bedding, perhaps in colours like white, cream and beige.

By bearing the above points in mind, you can be confident you will be able to go about transforming your bedroom into a stylish, modern place where you can sleep and relax.

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