Fuse light offers practical style

Friday, 16 December 2011 11:12 AM

A LED reading light can bring practical style to many rooms of your Urban Pad. The Fuse by British designer and manufacturer of contemporary lighting Astro can be fixed horizontally or vertically to suit your room and is ideal for bedside lighting.

The smooth tubular LED light which can be tilted to the required position for reading and then folded neatly away against the wall plate when not in use. 

Bright illumination is provided by a three watt warm-white LED with discreetly integrated driver.

In terms of colour choices, it is available in contemporary bronze, brushed aluminium or polished chrome. Perfect for neutral colour palettes and a touch of urban chic.

Puzzle embodies classic lantern design

Astro Lighting launches new garden light

Astro Lighting have announced the launch of Puzzle - their newest garden light product. Combining classic style with modern technology, Puzzle utilises strategically placed LED's to provide a subtle optical illusion and a unique design.

Bring spring into your home

Top tips for bringing spring into your home

Spring has sprung in many parts of the country and you might be thinking it's time to usher the new season into your home. Go further than the annual spring clean by adding brightness and floral accents to your property to boost your mood and add a spring to your step.

The Anglepoise is available in a wall-mounted version

Light up your apartment with a design classic

The instantly recognisable style of the Anglepoise light has been around for decades, and you can add an enduring design to your urban aesthetic with the Type1228, which offers a subtle range of colours.

Take kitchen gadget inspiration from the celebs

Top brands to kit out a sleek city kitchen

If you've decided to renovate your kitchen to reflect your city sleek style, don't overlook the all-important appliances when kitting out the space. For a guide to some of the best brands, as seen in the kitchens of the celebrities, read on.

Top 5 statement light fittings

Top 5 statement light fittings

The living room is the perfect space in which to make a statement. Be it with a bold patterned wallpaper, or an unusual sofa, you can really put your own stamp on this part of your house. Lighting too is a great way to inject your creativity into a room.

Coulson Macleod sells quirky typography art

Typography artwork is the write stuff

For friends who are good with words... No scribe's urban pad should be complete without artwork like this new print from Coulson Macleod. The iconic typography printed onto solid limestone will look fabulous with modern, contemporary colour schemes.

Bubbledrum Angled Enamla Factory Light

Vintage finds at Bubbledrum

Urban pads in a loft space or those that favour industrial style will look great with Bubbledrum's accessories. The online store is chock-full of original, vintage finds from factories, schools and outbuildings across the UK and Europe.

Fun and funky All Sorts Chandelier

Contemporary light ideas from Alexander & Pearl

Let there be light, and unusual light at that, with the new range from Alexander & Pearl. The highlight of the new Autumn collection is undoubtedly their All Sorts Chandelier, perfect for an eye-catching lighting piece for the dining room.

Treasures of the world

Bring your wanderlust back to your home.

Wanderlust seems to be a trend in home décor this year with pieces from all over the globe making it into UK sitting rooms. The look requires items to be from many different locations and have an eclectic feel.

Go retro with an iPhone handset

Plug in your iPhone for an old-fashioned chat

We love new technology but sometimes, at home, wouldn't it be nice to ditch the touch-screen for a phone with a traditional handset? Now, you can plug in your Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches and enjoy a good old gossip Lady Gaga style.