Classic Danish furniture gets modern revival

Wednesday, 5 October 2011 12:06 PM

Classic Danish furniture which was originally designed ‘for the people’ is being re-launched by Rolf Hay, 70 years later.

The designer is taking on production of a number of classic pieces from the FDB furniture era, which started in the 1940s.

At the time, the simplistic pieces were intended to provide good quality furniture for the everyday consumer at the lowest possible price.

Hay’s ambition is to recapture the innovative spirit of classic Danish designs but in a contemporary context.

“It has always been our most important task to produce quality and durable designs at a reasonable price, and that is why we are taking on this project,” he said.

The FDB collection from Hay consists of five chairs designed by Poul M. Volther, Jorgen Baekmark and Folke Paalsson, as well as a table designed by Jorgen Baekmark. The furniture is made from beech and is available in beech as well as black, white, grey and coral.

On sale from November, prices range from £118 for chairs and £237 for tables. Customers will be able to buy pieces at the Hay store in Covent Garden.

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