Wall decorations from Crumpetty Tree

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 8:59 AM

Based on original illustrations by Charlotte Strawbridge at Crumpetty Tree, these handmade wall decorations are sure to get a quack out of visitors to your home.

The handmade duck decorations are a new take on a much-loved, retro design. Crumpetty Tree will make your ducks to order in a way which is eco-friendly. These quirky little animals make for an ideal present and can add a character to any room.

This set of ducks is made up of three different sizes measuring approximately 13x13cm, 17x17cm, 21x21cm and are priced from £25.

A little picture hook is securely attached to the back so they are ready to hang on your wall.

The handmade Stag’s head is again based on an original illustration by Charlotte Strawbridge at Crumpetty Tree and is a fun new twist to a traditional country wall decoration.

The handmade Stag’s Head measures approximately 28x35cm and is priced from £22.

All of Crumpetty Tree's animals are varnished to protect the design but please avoid getting wet if you want to keep it looking its best.


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