Artistic bedroom ideas by IKEA

Thursday, 14 April 2011 12:56 PM

The myriad bank holidays in April and May offer ample opportunity for DIY – or, much more creatively, a bedroom makeover.

You can create your ultimate urban pad sleeping sanctuary with a little help from the creative types at IKEA, who have come up with some bedroom layout ideas to browse online.

Each room set up has furniture and storage ideas. From customisable wardrobes that will fit around your architecture, to standalone pieces that will form a focal point for a new colour scheme, you can inject a little Swedish style into your bedroom and makeover your room in little more than a three-day weekend.

The pictured ‘Artistic inspiration’ layout features the PAX HEMNES wardrobe, £275.75, and the HEMNES chest of six drawers, £141.96.

If the thought of your local IKEA on a bank holiday fill you with horror, remember you can now buy everything for your bedroom online, from beds and mattress to storage and textiles. You can also plan out your makeover using the free online PAX planning tool, available at

IKEA offers convenient under-bed storage

IKEA offers new under-bed storage solutions

With city slickers increasingly pushed for space, Swedish furniture giant IKEA has introduced a new range of under-bed storage drawers to make it easier to make the most out of your apartment's spare areas.

Reclaimed teak bed by Raft

Reclaimed teak for an old fashioned chic bedroom

Want to kit out your bedroom but satisfy your green conscience? Reclaimed teak wood is a great environmentally friendly choice as it means your bedroom furniture prevents unnecessary waste. Reclaimed timber prevents the destruction of forests.

What's the best wardrobe for you?

How sliding door and freestanding wardrobes differ

Sliding door and freestanding wardrobes differ from each other in a number of ways, with each possessing certain advantages depending on the needs of the buyer.

The Long Island Corner Unit in Navajo Stripes introduces Navajo Stripes

New for 2011, the Navajo Stripes collection from offers a Native American twist for your new sofa, bringing contrasting natural colours into your flat and adding a touch of bespoke flair to your furniture.

The Dreams Tokyo TV bed

Bed to entertainment at the flick of a switch

If you love your gadgets, and want a bedroom all your friends will envy, opt for the latest bedroom/entertainment hybrid. Dreams have taken their 25 years of experience in the industry to come up with the latest in beds, with a 32" flatscreen LCD TV.

An example of a Vi-Spring bed

The last word in luxury designer beds

Bespoke British bed maker, Vi-Spring, is launching a new range of mattresses, divans and headboards for 2011, called The Natural Luxury Collection, featuring the finest natural materials for maximum comfort.

The Dreams Italia bed offers extra space for your books

A new bed for the New Year's tidy-up

Give yourself more space in the New Year, with the new range of stylish beds and storage solutions from Dreams. Make it easier to store more under your bed with the Genoa design, or turn your bedside area into a library with the Italia bed.

Vintage textile chests on sale at Bubbledrum

Storage ideas: crate expectations

No-one wants to spend hours tidying up after their family, and a few strategically placed crates can help you get your interiors under control. These vintage crates from Bubbledrum are far superior to the plastic offerings at your local pound shop.

Treasures of the world

Bring your wanderlust back to your home.

Wanderlust seems to be a trend in home décor this year with pieces from all over the globe making it into UK sitting rooms. The look requires items to be from many different locations and have an eclectic feel.

Go retro with an iPhone handset

Plug in your iPhone for an old-fashioned chat

We love new technology but sometimes, at home, wouldn't it be nice to ditch the touch-screen for a phone with a traditional handset? Now, you can plug in your Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches and enjoy a good old gossip Lady Gaga style.