Salt vs Pepper in the robot wars

Friday, 17 August 2012 6:49 AM

Whoever said don’t play with your food surely didn’t have a pair of salt and pepper robots at the table.
The salt and pepper can now battle it out right at the dinner table to win the war of flavour.
Science fiction novels always have robots serving humans, mind you they rarely require someone to wind them up, and the time is now to emulate this at home.

The salt and pepper robots march across the table reducing the need to pass the salt shaker and adding some serious fun to dinner time.
Children will love these robots, teenagers will love these robots and anyone who appreciates the ridiculous and crass will also love these robots.
Company PrezzyBox describes them as the ideal condiment waiters for any home.
To insert the salt or pepper simply unscrew the headcaps to fill up, wind up the key on the side of the robot and they are ready to go.
For more information visit the website. 

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