Smart homes for the future

Thursday, 23 February 2012 9:32 AM

Homes will be wired and controlled by the internet by 2027, according to broadband provider Plusnet.

The company has completed research to forecast the role of the internet in our lives in 15 years time.

The way homes are run is one of the top changes forecast with everything from home security to appliances connected to the internet in the future.

 “So far, the internet has been all about sharing, communicating and engaging with content online,” CEO of Plusnet Jamie Ford.

“The next 15 years will see an exciting transformation take place, where we integrate ‘smart devices’ into the home, and the net becomes much more about rich services.”

The home is touted to gain face recognition software for doors that will run a stranger’s face against criminal databases before entry to the home.

There will be no more lost keys according to the report which states all home items will be tracked so you can search their whereabouts.

All appliances will be connected to the same system and pre-programmed smart home technology run from your phone will do the daily chores.

While this may seem like a dream rather than a forecast many of these technologies already exist in a basic form such as in-wall tablets which control your television, stereo and lighting.

The research forecasts specific technology for the kitchen where food stocks are monitored and if low will be automatically ordered, similar to current online shopping.

The home office hasn’t been forgotten either with the suggestion that people will be able to purchase 3D contact lenses that instantly bring up the information you need from your electronic files.

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