London home to the most haunted houses


London has the most haunted houses in the UK

London is famous for many things - architecture, fashion and the Royal Family to name but a few. The city is also well-known for its rich - and at times, gruesome - history, with landmarks like the Tower of London and the dungeons acting as constant reminders of the capital's sinister past.

Oxford is UK's least affordable city

Property affordability improves in 4 out of 5 cities

The affordability of investing in a home has improved in more than four in five cities across the UK since 2008, with the average price of a property standing at £184,215 - or 5.8 times the gross average earnings.

Brits would forgo social life to buy a property

Young Brits sacrifice social life to get on to property ladder

Young Britons looking to get on to the property ladder are making big sacrifices to achieve their goals, research has shown. More than a third of people aged between 18 and 34 are cutting back in the hope of buying a property in the near future.

London is home to most burglary hotspots

London home to 12 of 20 worst burglary hotspots

London has been named the burglary capital of the UK, with 12 of the worst hotspots for the crime located within its boundaries. Research by comparison site MoneySuperMarket has identified the nation's most burglary-hit postcodes, with the capital taking the crown for the majority.

The truth about living in London

Strike a balance: weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of London living

Living in London is not without its ups and downs; the city is one of the world's most prestigious locations, boasting vibrant culture, rich history and a thriving economy. However, the cost of living in the capital is higher than anywhere else in the UK.

Costs for public transport rise in London

Londoners face rising costs despite public transport woes

Londoners report more public transport woes of any other region in the UK, recent findings have shown. The latest figures from Citizens Advice show that one in four issues relating to public transport is reported by the capital's residents.

How long did you spend looking around your new home?

Choices, choices - Londoners are pickier when choosing a home

Choosing a new home is one of life's most important decisions, and many would argue it takes months of searching and careful consideration to pick out the perfect property. This is certainly the case in London, where buyers visit an average of five homes before making a decision, but elsewhere in the UK people visit fewer homes before making their choice.

Londoners are most likely to celebrate Christmas with champagne

Londoners most likely to quaff champagne this Christmas

More people in London than anywhere else in the UK will be celebrating Christmas with a glass of champagne this year, a nationwide study has shown. In the capital, 50 per cent of residents say they plan to raise a festive toast, compared with less than a third of people in the rest of the UK.

Londoners are supporting local businesses this Christmas

Londoners choose local stores for Christmas shopping

Londoners are choosing small, local stores for their Christmas shopping, rather than hitting the main stores or buying last-minute gifts online, a study has shown. The majority of London residents have picked up festive items from independent shops close to home, the survey by Lloyds TSB has highlighted.

Don't let blocked drains dampen your festivities

City dwellers looking forward to a festive Christmas dinner need to remember to dispose of the turkey fat in a responsible way, or risk a blocked drain and a potentially hefty call-out fee. A third of Britons are unsure of how to dispose of cooking fat, which is responsible for the majority of sewer blockages each year.

35% of Londoners to drive 100 miles for a family Christmas

More than a third of people living in London are preparing to drive 100 miles or more to visit their family at home over Christmas. A new report has highlighted that 35 per cent of Londoners face a long drive to be with relatives this festive season.

£1bn to tackle London's housing shortage

The mayor of London has pledged £1 billion to house the capital's growing population over a three-year period. In his latest draft housing strategy, Boris Johnson has revealed a target of building 42,000 new homes each year for the next decade, with the first phase to run from 2015 to 2018.

Noisy neighbours put potential buyers off

Noisy neighbours top turn-off for property buyers

If you're planning to sell or rent out a property, turn your attention to the list of turn-offs shown to deter potential buyers. Research has highlighted dozens of reasons buyers can be put off making a purchase, with noisy neighbours being the number one gripe.

Workers are bothered by phones on the commute

The sound of the underground stresses out 60% of workers

Whether it's to become more environmentally-friendly, quicker than driving or simply an easier option after a heavy night on the tiles, commuting via public transport is part and parcel of city life. However, six in ten Brits have recently revealed that the journey has them hot under the collar before they even reach the office.

Five of the best cities for art

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time," said the twentieth century writer and monk Thomas Merton.

40% per cent of women are now the breadwinners

40 per cent of women are now breadwinners

Women are increasingly catching up with men in the breadwinning stakes, research has shown. Findings have highlighted that four in ten women are now the breadwinners in their households, earning an average of £14,000 more than their significant other each year.

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